Cultivating excellence

Since 1960
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Montessori School of Montreal

A Non-Profit Organization

60 years of excellence

An enriched learning environment since 1960

Founding of Montessori School of Montreal

Founded in 1960, our private elementary school was the first in Montreal to offer a Montessori-based, coed education for children of preschool age.


Moving to the current location

The school moves to its current location. Since then, major renovations have been carried out in every classroom and area of the school, improving the overall learning environment.


Addition of a fourth pre-kindergarten classroom

Growing demand from the community drives the addition of a fourth classroom, constructed in accordance with the norms set by the Ministère de la Famille.


Enlargement of the school and addition of all three cycles of elementary

Official launch of the elementary school. An enriched, trilingual program for students from kindergarten to grade six is now available.

Elementary school is housed in a brand-new, environmentally-friendly building, constructed next to the preschool. The building uses cutting-edge technology and geothermal energy and solar panels to provide heat and light.


The Happy Child at School

Academic excellence and student well-being are our top priority

Our Mission

The Montessori School of Montreal’s mission is for its students to thrive academically, socially and physically. Our teachers are passionate about knowledge and challenge each student to reach their full potential. Our coed private school offers a curriculum that fosters the overall development of the child and their unique qualities. Emphasis is placed on honesty, compassion and perseverance.

Message from the Principal

For more than twenty years, I have been working with children that I adore and in return, they provide me with enormous love.
I chose to offer these children a superior quality in terms of an education, a learning environment, and services. I chose to establish a setting where children can flourish, enrich their knowledge, become motivated to learn, and to develop at a natural rhythm. I chose excellence by offering a trilingual Montessori educational program.
It is with great pleasure that I open the doors of our school to your children in order to offer them only the best. The faculty members that are responsible for our young at the school work together to obtain a common goal. Our goal is for all the children to be happy at school and to feel that the school is their second home.
If you wish to visit our school or to obtain further information, do not hesitate to contact us at (514) 363-6603 or via email at

Anne Mansour

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