The Educational Daycare Program at Montessori Preschool Center

Our program aims to foster the child’s overall development by enabling the child to develop all facets of his or her unique personality. Based on a comprehensive, child-centered approach, we nurture the child’s personal development across the emotional, social, moral, cognitive, linguistic, physical, and motor levels.

At Montessori Preschool Center, we ensure that your child is optimally prepared for a smooth and harmonious transition to kindergarten.

Opening up new horizons at the preschool level

A variety of fun activities!

Physical Education

Physical education is a very important part of our Montessori daycare program. The objective is to develop general motor skills and coordination, in addition to stimulating the child’s interest in maintaining good physical health. Team spirit, cooperation, sociability, and respecting the rules of the game are taught and encouraged. Children get to enjoy outdoor exercise at our safe playground and regularly do a variety of physical activities at the big park facing the preschool. They are also introduced to several different sports and cooperative games at our primary school gym.


Once a week, a teacher is invited to teach a dancing class, yet another opportunity for preschool students to move about to the sound of music! Additionally, the teacher works with them to prepare Christmas and end-of-the-year performances that they put on before their parents!


Arts & Crafts

Children develop artistic skills by experimenting with various painting and drawing techniques using pastels, wax, felt, and colour crayons. They learn to recognize these techniques in a number of works of art. Every month, they’re introduced to a famous painter and learn about his or her art and unique style. In addition, they play around with a variety of recyclable and non-recyclable materials. Developing imagination and creativity is essential and encouraged at the Montessori Preschool Center. Our site also features a dedicated arts room that children visit occasionally for various projects.

At Montessori Preschool Center, daycare and pre-kindergarten, children develop artistic painting and drawing skills.
In the pre-kindergarten classroom of Montessori Preschool Center, children participate in music workshops every week.

Singing and Music

Children participate in weekly music workshops, organized by a specialized daycare educator. Music is experienced through vocal, verbal, and instrumental expression and body movement. Theoretical notions are also part of these musical experiences. At Christmas and the end of the school year, children have an opportunity to showcase their talents in a performance for their parents.


Every month, preschool educators develop the child’s scientific awareness on a new topic. Through experiments and observation, they learn to explain various phenomena encountered in everyday life.

The daycare educational program of Montessori Preschool includes an introduction to various scientific subjects.


Each month, pupils discover a children’s author through his or her works. Story and tale reading occupy a central place in our educational daycare program. Our goal is to familiarize the child with different literary styles and instill a lifelong love for reading!

Social Sciences

Children develop social skills in the classroom context. They learn to recognize emotions in themselves and in others, to work in a team, and to settle most conflicts in an independent and peaceful manner. At our daycare, courtesy and rules of conduct and safety are routinely taught so that children can appreciate their value and apply them in their everyday lives.