A unique and superior curriculum

Montessori School of Montreal
Required by the Ministry of Education
Teaching time
1725 minutes / week
1500 minutes / week
Physical education
4 times / week
2 time / week
Outdoor Activities
3 times / day


Every day as first language
1 time / week
1 time / week + extra-curricular (optional)
1 time / week

1 time / week + extra-curricular (optional)
1 time / week
1 time / week (all grades)


The curriculum at Montessori School of Montreal exceeds the requirements set by the Ministry of Education of Quebec. We believe in providing an enriched trilingual program at all grades levels, from kindergarten to grade six. We sincerely believe that all children can follow this unique curriculum.

French taught as a first language

At Montessori School of Montreal, we offer our students an enriched French program. Numerous opportunities are given to our students on a daily basis to excel in French and to further develop their language skills; orally and through reading and writing. Individual and collective work, reading comprehension and analysis, as well as, oral presentations help in achieving our desired goal. Our goal is for our students to master the French language and to easily adopt all that they have learned in their day-to-day routine.


At Montessori School of Montreal, we ensure that our students understand and assimilate the mathematical concepts taught through the use of the latest textbooks, the interactive board, computers, and other educational tools designed or introduced by the teacher. Furthermore, the mathematics Montessori material is also used especially for the topics that are more abstract; allowing the students to manipulate the material while using many of their senses to better understand. Finally, we prepare and encourage our students to successfully solve mathematical word problems through reflection, analysis, and step-by step procedures.

English taught as a first language

At Montessori School of Montreal, we offer our students an enriched English program. Our students are challenged daily to excel in English; orally and through reading and writing. Oral presentations, novel studies, and well-developed grammar lessons are key elements in achieving our goal. Our goal is for our students to master the English language and to easily apply all that they have learned in their day-to-day routine.


At Montessori School of Montreal, we offer Spanish classes once a week to kindergarten all the way to grade six. Our students begin building a solid vocabulary from an early age and as they change from cycle to cycle the workload becomes more challenging as well. Our students learn to conjugate verbs and eventually write paragraphs. Our goal is for our students to master the language and to easily communicate in Spanish, to read and to write by the time they complete their elementary studies.

Physical education

At Montessori School of Montreal, physical education plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy attitude towards learning. Through a healthy body one achieves a healthy mind. Physical education classes are offered four times a week, the fifth class is optional. The language of instruction is English. The sports played change from season-to-season. Kindergarten and cycle one students participate in many lead up games in preparation for the official sport that they will partake in. Sports taught at our school are: handball, tchoukball, badminton, volleyball, soccer, omnikin, and touch football. Many unit games are presented as well such as fitness, dance, jungle gym, and gymnastics. Sportsmanship and team spirit are strong at our school. Our students participate in the Terry Fox Marathon, the LaSalle Run (1 km), and in numerous ball hockey and soccer tournaments with other elementary schools.


At Montessori School of Montreal, science class offers students the opportunity to challenge their curiosity through observations, making educated guesses, analyzing, and predicting outcomes. Weekly experiments are performed to reinforce concepts learned in class. Students in kindergarten and cycle one learn about topics involving earth, life, and the physical sciences. Students in cycle two learn about topics involving animal habitats, animals and their offspring, and the water cycle. Students in cycle three learn about topics involving electricity, gravity, elements of fire, natural disasters, and environmental issues. Our school hosts an annual science fair in May in which all students participate along with their teachers. Finally, Montessori School of Montreal supports the importance of teaching our students about the natural sciences and the environment. With the collaboration of naturalists from the organization Héritage Laurentien, our students participate in excursions in nature and participate in workshops in class with the purpose of discovering information about the flora, the fauna, the insects, and ecosystems found around the Saint Lawrence River; only minutes from our school.


At Montessori School of Montreal, the Robotics Program is offered during science class from kindergarten to grade six. The mission of the Robotics Program is to inspire our students to pursue further studies and careers in science, technology, and engineering. Students work in teams and are assisted by expert adult mentors, to build robots and to program them. Eventually, the students will take part in tournaments and competitions in which they will manipulate the robots they created.

Ethics and religious culture

At Montessori School of Montreal, E.R.C. classes are taught in English once a week to students in cycles one to three. E.R.C. is a required course set by the Ministry of Education of Quebec. Our students develop a general understanding of the six major religions of the world and numerous ethical issues are elaborated on. The purpose is to aid in individual character development. Some issues that are discussed are: honesty, compassion, perseverance, fairness, open-mindedness, and peace-seeking. Peace-seeking is taught at all grades through the implementation of the Pacific Path Program. The Pacific Path Program aims to reduce violence (physical, verbal, psychological) in our school. This program has been recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).


At Montessori School of Montreal, art classes are taught in French once a week. Our students embark on numerous projects that allow them to observe and describe, analyze and interpret great works of art. Students collaborate with their teacher and classmates in constructing original artistic creations. Through their creations, each student builds their confidence and gains pride in their accomplishments. Students are also encouraged to participate in numerous art competitions. In class, various art mediums are used: ink, pastels, paints, and clay.


At Montessori School of Montreal, music classes are taught in French once a week. Our students learn to identify the musical notes from kindergarten and begin to read the notes from an early age. They also learn about music theory and instruments, develop an appreciation for famous music pieces and composers. Our music room consists of recorders, keyboards, violins, guitars, and a piano. Every student learns to play the musical instruments on hand and have numerous opportunities to perform in front of their parents at shows throughout the school year.

Computer technology

At Montessori School of Montreal, computers and technology are important tools used in the implementation of lessons and projects. Our school has a computer lab located in the library. Students have access to the computer lab on a daily basis. Every classroom, including the library, has an interactive board which is used by every teacher and students throughout the day. Tablets are also available for individual instruction or reinforcement of concepts taught in class. In addition, a special program was designed for our school by a computer specialist with experience in pedagogy in order to guide our teachers and our students in the development of this important competency.

Social studies

At Montessori School of Montreal, students are introduced to geography and history through thematic units starting from kindergarten. Cycle one students become familiar with their immediate environment: their neighbourhood, their city, and their family. In addition, they elaborate on a number of eras and specific regions in the world. Finally, cycle two and three students study topics defined in the Programme de formation de l’école québécoise. Also, every year, the cycle three students partake in a small historical trip to Ottawa or Quebec City.