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Montessori School of Montreal :
A Coed School for a Diverse World

The Montessori School of Montreal believes that learning in a coed classroom (as opposed to a same-sex one) is beneficial for both genders. When boys and girls learn how to cooperate with one another from a young age, they are better prepared for life.

Why we chose coeducation

There are several key reasons why we chose to establish a coeducational school:

It has been demonstrated that mixed classrooms facilitate learning and enrich a young person’s academic experience. When boys and girls work and learn together, a sense of equality between the genders is nurtured. In turn, this encourages the growth of healthy self-esteem and social skills, and better equips them for a world where both genders play important roles in society.

It is well-established that coeducation environments foster students’ respect for their opposite-sex peers. Additionally, it exposes them to different perspectives and can help diminish fixed gender stereotypes. Because a coed environment more accurately mirrors the coed world in which we live, students are better prepared for the future (e.g., high school, university, the workforce).


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