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Differentiating, a dynamic practice!

differentiation pédagogique

Differentiating, a dynamic practice! To teach is to quickly become aware of the uniqueness of the thirty or so pairs of big eyes that are in front of us day after day. Each morning, our students arrive with their day’s learning tools, their interests, their strengths and challenges, smiling, ready to dive in and follow […]

The Montessori Lifestyle

mode de vie

The Montessori Lifestyle Montessori is a method of education but it is also so much more. It becomes a lifestyle that supports each child’s independence, interests, and social-emotional growth while valuing peaceful interactions with others.  At École Montessori de Montréal, each classroom uses both the methods and lifestyle of the Montessori approach to embody the […]

What is Montessori Education?

education montessori

What is Montessori Education? Montessori is a method of education that is designed to be child-centered, using each individual child’s innate curiosity to facilitate exploration and learning. The Montessori method follows the child and supports their internal drive to learn by offering an individualized curriculum. What is the Montessori Method of Teaching? For children under […]

Building Your Child’s Self-Confidence the Montessori Way

children's self confidence

How to build your child’s self-confidence with the Montessori method? There are few things parents want more than anything for their children; that they grow up happy, healthy and with a fully developed sense of self-worth. A confident child faces new challenges head-on, and that independent spirit will serve them well throughout a lifetime of challenges. Hence […]

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